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Omar and I have been married for 12 amazing years. We have been blessed with 2 children, Chloe and Madison. I love being a Mother. I'm grateful that I can stay home and be involved in their lives. Life is Amazing!!! My passions in life are my family, my home, Photography, Interior Design and gardening.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autumn’s Glow

There is something about autumn That brings out such earthiness
Gold leaves adorn bushes and trees Like an artist with a brilliant brush
Once the leaves dry on the trees Then the wind begins to blow.
It’s a special time of year for me Because I love autumn so.
The cold dry air it seemsPrepare the leaves to fall Mother Nature’s special time.
Yes, it’s the best of all What a dazzling way to end The year as winter nears
The way leaves let loose And drop like nature’s tears
Oh yes, I love those golden days.
Dreamy with autumn’s glow. It makes me smile because I do Love the season of autumn so!
Marilyn Lott

Friday, October 3, 2008

My first blog

Hello friends! Thanks for stoping by. I'm sitting here on a friday night watching a movie. Well not really since I'm actually typing a blog. Let me say that over again. Omar is sitting here next to me watching a movie and I just can't get into it (Leatherhead, ugh!). Maybe because my laptop is on my lap. I'm just waiting for it to be over so I can slip The new Sex in The City movie in. ;) he loves it when I make him watch chick flicks.
Me and the family have been really busy lately so I thought I would catch you up. The whole house is in school (except the dogs, although they need obedience school) Both girls are in soccer which keeps us busy. We are enjoying the fall weather. Even though its been pretty warm still the colors are starting to change around here and I LOVE it! We bought some mums and pansies for the yard and tomorrow I plan on getting out there and preparing for winter. I'll add some pictures when I'm finished. Happy Fall everyone!!

The girls are going to be witches for Halloween

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